Build wide area wireless sensor networks easily

The Syxsens development platform features long range communications and easy to use programming tools to build wide area sensor networks for your Internet of Things application.

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Syxsens is an easy to use development board featuring long range, low power, wireless communications.


Connect sensors

Connect practical plug and play sensors, leverage LPWAN communications and the vast amount of available software libraries for sensors.


Monitor your assets

Capture the variable you are interested in over long distances. Upload data to the cloud and analyse it from anywhere in the world.


Designed for IoT

Build your sensor network and start increasing your productivity and understanding of your business in real time.


Solid platform

Based on powerful, ARM Cortex-M0 processor and NiceRF LoRa modules, designed for environmental and asset monitoring.


For beginners and pros

Use the Arduino IDE for easy programming and fast prototyping of your monitoring needs. Supports SWD debugging interface.



Designed with "less is more" philosophy represented in a clean layout and beautiful design. We strive to provide clear documentation and support.


  • Atmel ATSAMD21G18A 32-bit Cortex-M0 Microcontroller, 48MHz, 256 KB flash, 32 KB SRAM.
  • NiceRF LoRa module based on Semtech SX1278/SX1276. Versions for 433MHz, 490MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz frequency bands.
  • Up to 10 Km wireless range (line of sight).
  • Connectors for sensors and actuators: 3 analog/digital, 2 I2C, 1 UART.
  • Pin headers exposing all MCU pins (digital, analog and PWM).
  • SWD debugging support.
  • SX1278/SX1276 DIO pins available on headers.
  • Over-current protection circuitry.
  • USB connection for power and firmware uploading.
  • 5V Power supply by USB connector, 3.3V input on pin header.
  • Built-in user LED.
  • Built-in user button.
  • High quality PCB with electroless nickel immersion gold finish.
  • Dimensions: 81.28mm x 46.355mm.
Download schematics

Download ATSAMD21G18A datasheet

Download SX1278 datasheet



Syxsens allows to easily implement Internet of Things, telemetry and asset monitoring applications. Thanks to its long range capabilities, monitoring coverage for urban areas and remote rural deployments can be realized. Syxsens was designed to work on batteries with long life cycle thanks to its low power design and high quality PCB construction.


Asset monitoring, IIoT and logistics tracking

Monitoring company assets aids in smarter decision making at all business levels while ensuring infrastructure strategies aimed at protecting valuables and reaching optimal operating costs. Syxsens enables monitoring for predictive maintenance, cold chain integrity, fleet tracking, machinery health, healthcare equipment tracking, etc.


Smart agriculture

The irrigation of crops is the largest consumptive user of fresh water. Syxsens enables efficient irrigation practices by providing the ability to monitor weather, plant and soil parameters. Data insights allow to supply water in a timely manner without compromising crop quality and yield. Automate field management by incorporating actuators that water and fertilize at the best moments.


Weather Stations and Early warning systems

Monitor impending extreme weather to raise alarms before catastrophic events occur. Detect floods, wild fires, landslides, erosion and chemical leakage on water bodies. Build resilience to climate-induced shocks by detecting and emiting early warnings in a timely and effective manner. Reduce climate change risks that have severe impact on people and infrastructure.


Smart cities

Today's cities face a rapid population density growth. Syxsens is ideal for implementing the substructures and services needed to supply the citizen requirements. Various aspects of smart cities can be realized such as advanced metering, real-time public asset location and utilization, occupancy of parking spaces and other data like weather conditions, air and noise pollution status, water contamination, energy consumption, smart garbage collection, etc.


Multiple programming environments and languages supported

Syxsens is fully compatible with Arduino Zero. All digital, analog, PWM and communication libraries (SPI and I2C) can be used out of the box. This allows Syxsens to be programmed using the popular Arduino IDE. Support for hundreds of sensors and actuators is guaranteed. In addition, alternative environments such as PlatformIO and Atmel Studio can also be used for professional development and debugging. Syxsens also supports multiple programming languages such as C, C++ and MicroPython.

The device ships with the Arduino bootloader preprogrammed. You can use a USB cable to upload your sketch to the board inmediately. In addition, SWD pins are exposed on pin headers so that the board can be flashed and debugged natively using an J-Link compatible programmer.


Up to 10 Km line of sight range

Powered by long range, low power radio modulation technology.

  • Device versions for 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz frequency bands.
  • Supports raw LoRa packets with up to 255 bytes unaddressed messages length.
  • Supports LoRaWAN, addressed protocol for star of star topologies compatible with The Things Network™.
  • Together with Wi-Fi module, can act as a single channel gateway.

Introducing Syxsens Secure P2P & Mesh Protocol

Syxsens's custom Peer to Peer secure messaging protocol features Diffie-Hellman key exchange and Dynamic Secrets, in addition to mesh configuration support (coming soon).


Syxsens is designed by Grana2 Embedded Designs. Our company provides IoT solutions for industrial, smart cities and healthcare applications. Our team is formed by researchers working on Embedded Intelligence, AI and Internet of Things.